When I came home from school one evening in October of 1986, Lisa greeted me at the door. “Guess what?” she said excitedly.

“What?” I said. An array of thoughts flashed through my head before she could answer. Had she cracked up the car? Burned dinner? Dropped Rachel down the basement steps?

“I’m becoming a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!”

I paused briefly. I knew that Lisa had planned to meet with the Mary Kay lady who lived up the street, and I knew she was planning to tell her no if asked to sell the product. When she surprised me by declaring that she had joined the company, I was not very enthusiastic. Then again, I usually didn’t get too excited about most things. I responded in a calm but dubious tone of voice.

“Well, I suppose that’s OK,” I said. “Just don’t expect any help from me.”

Looking back, I realize those words couldn’t have been further from the truth. I’ve been a Mary Kay husband for nearly 20 years and have experienced just about everything a Mary Kay husband can go through. Mary Kay Ash used to say that a woman with a man behind her is a woman-and-a-half. It’s true!

My hope for you is that after reading this book, you will better understand the importance of dreaming, planning, and working together.