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"Funny!! I don't believe I turned a single page before laughing out loud. The predominant theme of the book is the sport of triathlon, but creatively woven throughout are hilarious portraits of family, marriage, parenthood, and friendship. The author's knack for good, clean storytelling is evident and just about perfectly skewed. If you struggle with too many commitments and not enough time, you'll find common ground with this author. Where you may not find common ground is that he augmented his schedule with that itty bitty goal of finishing one of the world's most grueling endurance events. This makes for the comical magic of the book. Great job!"

- Jeff Julson, Celebration, Florida

"If you are looking what runs in the soul of an Ironman-to-be, you have the right book. I read this book on my back from the San Diego 1/2 marathon. Turning the switch to become a triathlete, let alone an Ironman, is a big switch to pull. One day you may see me--probably at the second transition when you are finishing. Just smile and urge me on; I know it will be from the heart. By the way, I hope my laughter did not keep the other passengers awake!"

- Rod from Pennsylvania

"I loved the book! I stayed up past midnight to finish it last night. You captured the ups and downs of first-time Ironman perfectly with just the right amount of humor. You nailed it!"

-Stevie Patton, Patton Athletics, Madison, WI

"Thanks for a great book. I read it in a couple of hours. Having done a couple of Ironman races myself, I really enjoyed the funny look at your Ironman journey. Nicely done!"

-Scott Erdman, Marketing Director for HFP Racing, Painsville, OH

"I read your book yesterday and today flying back and forth to Boston and just loved it. I was laughing out loud the entire time. In fact, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. It was absolutely teriffic!"

-Rich Campbell, Team Aruba Triathlete from Oxford, PA